Exclusive, Historic, Reserved

Unique property and neighborhood whose history adds even more appeal and charm. Loring Court is a gated community.

Conveniently located adjacent to Nashville within the city of Oak Hill, Loring Court new homes start at $1,295,000.

To protect and enhance the integrity of this wonderful and select neighborhood each new home will have a minimum size of 4000 square feet and construction must begin within 12 months of purchase. An architectural review by developer is also required for owners protection and peace of mind. Master Deed, Covenants and Restrictions are available for review.

For more information on Loring Court, please visit:

Hal Rosson

Office: (615) 271-2705
Fax: (615) 726-1937 Freeman Webb Company
555 Great Circle Rd
Nashville TN 37228-1310

Give them blizzards boys, Give them blizzards!
After the war Loring was a New York banker and a Wall Street financial advisor before going to serve the Khedive of Egypt as brigadier general in 1869.
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